Bess Industries is growing and expanding its abilities. Management has spent many hours, days and months deciding on the last expansion process. Bess Industries has purchased a FLOW waterjet. Our cutting capabilities are now endless. Our cutting tables are 2×4′ and 6×10′. We have a 2×4′ flying bridge and a 6×10′ dynamic mach 4c.

All the Unique Benefits of Waterjet Machining

The Integrated Flying Bridge delivers all the benefits that make waterjet systems so unique and capable. Waterjets are able to cut complex shapes and parts in almost any material — from metals of all sorts, to stone, glass, ceramics, rubber, plastics and composites — all up to 8 inches thick. Since they cut parts with no heat affected zone, secondary finishing is typically unnecessary. Because waterjets put no lateral force and exert very little downward force on the parts they are cutting, no elaborate fixturing provisions are required.


  • Machines virtually any material and thickness
  • Unique design saves valuable floor space and provides easy access to work zone from 3 sides at an ergonomically correct height
  • Proven machine tool design and technology for durability and reliability
  • Highest possible productivity through unparalleled work piece accessibility
  • Cuts parts using virtually any CAD file, or scan drawings directly into FlowMaster® Software
  • Welding of all materials.
  • Machining of all materials.
  • Waterjet cutting of all materials.
  • Milling of all materials.
  • Forming all materials.
  • Cutting all materials.
  • Fabricating all materials into your desired product.