Valtrex for hsv2

Valtrex For Hsv2

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur Suppressive Therapy: The recommended dosage of VALTREX for chronic suppressive therapy of recurrent genital herpes is 1 gram once daily in patients with normal immune function.Common Valtrex side effects may include: nausea, stomach pain; or.In patients with a history of 9 or fewer valtrex for hsv2 recurrences per year, an alternative dose is 500 mg once daily.It’s an valtrex for hsv2 oral antiviral drug that works quickly, helping you reduce recovery time, ease symptoms and lower your risk of transmitting HSV-1 or HSV-2 to others during an outbreak.In HIV‑1−infected patients with a CD4+ cell count greater.While valacyclovir (commonly sold as Valtrex) provides treatment for and management of herpes symptoms, it’s not a cure for the virus.However, if the male takes 500 mg of Valtrex daily, that percentage is reduced to about 4%.Feeling weak or tired; stomach pain, bloody diarrhea, vomiting; or.Also known as Valtrex, valacyclovir comes in a variety of dosage forms.Swelling in your face, hands, or feet.Valacyclovir is one of the valtrex for hsv2 most powerful and effective drugs on the market for this purpose.Valacyclovir is one of the most common and effective medications used to manage HSV-1 and HSV-2, two variants of the herpes simplex virus.However, can it also act as a way of preventing herpes transmission?

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valtrex for hsv2